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On Tuesday 2 June Danny Ramirez suddenly starts singing and playing an acoustic guitar song about how he would like to kill you. In July his first tape Load Your Gun And Have Some Fun! gets released.


Ramirez has his first gig on Good Friday April 2, with the infamous Danny Ramirez T-shirt becoming available around the same time. He releases his second tape in June and third tape in October. On X-mas Eve and New Year's Eve Danny plays his final gigs for quite some time.


The evil singer-songwriter doesn't do much for most of the year and instead tours across the Netherlands with the pop classics on punk rock cover band Only Entertainment for which he is one of the guitarists. In December Danny releases his fourth tape.


The lazy singer-songwriter continues to don't do much for most of the year, but in October he finally starts working on the recordings for his debut cd. As usual he records his songs at the Ramirez Recording Room, next to his bedroom and also known as his living room.


After more than two years of no gigs at all, in February Danny Ramirez starts doing shows again (flyer for first gig since 1999). The recordings for the first cd continue until April. August 23 the Reload Your Gun!-cd gets its release through Roadkill Rekordz (RKR008). September the sampler cd A Package Deal With The Devil appears through Wet Sheep Records (WSR009).


In July Ramirez has his first gig abroad, playing a show at the Open Air Nassach Valley Festival near Göppingen, southern Germany. Gigs in Holland are done as well (poster/flyer).


May The Night Stalker!-tape with 10 songs about the life & times of Richard Ramirez gets released through Total Hell Cult (THC666-1). During spring and summer Danny Ramirez undertakes his Summer Slaughter! Tour, of which some footage exists on YouTube. He also stars in a short road movie, written by Cynthia Schild and Arjan van der Meer. Throughout the year quite some shows are done (poster/flyer).


April the On A Killing Spree!-tape appears (THC666-2). July 4 Danny Ramirez's name crashes on comet Tempel 1, as it is one of the 625.000 names burnt onto a mini-cd and attached to the Impactor of the NASA Deep Impact space probe. In November Danny's short movie is released on the dvd One Day On The Road With Danny Ramirez (666DR). There also are some previously unreleased songs on this dvd. Only a handful of gigs are done (surviving poster).


March the Murder Is Still A Crime!-tape comes out (THC666-3), Danny's seventh music cassette. December the Motor Rock Volume 2-cd gets released by Motorwolf Records, containing a.o. a classic by Danny Ramirez. Since many shows across the Netherlands and Europe are done with the doom stoner band Toner Low, for which Ramirez is the guitarist, he plays only two solo gigs.
February a video of a song from Danny's 2002 debutcd appears on YouTube. Early May a video of a song from his second album is posted on YouTube. Misanthropicus Fanaticus!, Danny's second cd, gets released May 21 on Roadkill Rekordz (RKR 018). Ten days later Ramirez returns to the stage -- after having done no gigs since October 2006 -- with two gigs in the first days of June. For most of the year again Toner Low shows are done.
In February, March and April Danny Ramirez does a series of gigs during his Misanthropic Winter! Tour (original tour flyer / digital tour flyer) and Misanthropic Spring! Tour, including a live performance on RTV Katwijk's Generation X radio show.
In March Danny does his first gig in France, which seems to be his final public appearance playing guitar and singing. Not much later Ramirez decides to use a backing-cd with instrumental versions of his songs for his future gigs. First show as such is done early April at the Tegendraads Festival 2 in Leiden (poster). Early August Danny spends five days recording and mixing in the Ramirez Recording Room and on August 8 releases his third cd, entitled In Concert And Intoxicated! through THC productions (THC666-4). Afterwards quite some gigs are done as part of his In Concert! Tour (flyers).
During the first half of the year a few gigs are done, and similar to 2009 the majority of them take place in the second part of the year (some flyers).
August 21 Danny Ramirez releases an online compilation of his 2002 and 2007 cd's, entitled Reload Your Gun, Misanthropicus Fanaticus!. Around the same time he reveals his plans to record a fourth full-length cd (first announced in the About-section on his Facebook page -- screenshot, 'cause removed). However, in October he gets the idea to create a X-mas album and starts writing just in time. Late November sees the release of the X-mas Time With Danny Ramirez! online EP. Danny isn't much on stage this year, but has a gig in Rotterdam right after his X-mas release.
In the first months of the year some more gigs with an instrumental backing are done (flyers), but in spring Danny listens to his fans and decides to again do some old style live performances with his acoustic guitar. Quite some shows are done from June 'til November (some flyers). In November Danny records his first song with Dutch lyrics. It's about Sinterklaas and appears later in November on the Sinterbaard & Smikkelpiet compilation download released by the Smikkelbaard label.
Although an online release is planned since 2011, apart from a gig in November (flyer) the evil singer-songwriter doesn't do much for most of the year and instead tours across Europe with the doom stoner band Toner Low for which he is the guitarist/vocalist.
The lazy singer-songwriter continues to don't do much for most of the year, but in July has a gig at the same bar where he played in 2013 (flyer) and for the rest of the year again is touring across Europe with Toner Low.
Danny starts doing more gigs again (flyer), but still no sign of a new release.
In June Danny returns on stage, initiating a period of more regular gigs (some flyers). August he finally takes to the Ramirez Recording Room for the recordings and mixing of an upcoming digital download EP. The resulting Back With A Dungeon! gets released August 31 on Bandcamp, followed by an earlier Ramirez release added to this page each month (Bandcamp release schedule).
January a song appears on the Hart voor de Zaal sampler double cd. After finishing his Winter Dungeon! Tour in February (some flyers), up from March Danny returns to the Ramirez Recording Room. The EP Outlawed Outsider! gets released July 27 on Bandcamp. Late September Danny releases a video for In My House There's A Room Full Of Bodies!, the first song on Outlawed Outsider!. On the live music front Ramirez experiences his busiest year since 2004, with quite some gigs during his Outsider! Tour up from late June -- including two supports for American country punk and Hank III bass player Joe Buck Yourself, a festival headlined by The Goddamn Gallows (review in Dutch / English translation) (some flyers) and a television recording for 4TheMusic online TV and local broadcaster Unity TV.
Up from early January Danny works on a cop-themed online EP. Later that month the 4TheMusic episode featuring Ramirez gets aired on Unity TV, and also appears on YouTube. February 6 Danny releases his I'll Make Sure All Cops Are Busy! video, the first song on his EP All Cops Are Busy!. Two days later the EP is posted on Bandcamp, followed by some gigs (flyers). June 2 Danny plays a show to celebrate his 20 years as a singer-songwriter of morbid folk and murder ballads. In October Ramirez makes his Finland debut. December 20 his online X-mas single Season's Shootings! gets released. Two days later Danny posts a snowy X-mas video on YouTube for X-mas Is Cold When You Have No Gun To Hold!.
In May Danny works on recordings for his online EP Corpses In My Closet!, finalizing them just in time for a release on May 30. Ramirez doesn't wanna play the same venues he played in 2018 and approaches a few other local bars. But since those are hesitant to book him based on a release with lyrics about a.o. necrophilia, cannibalism and post mortem mutilation, only a couple of live dates are done (flyers). In early September a video is released for Your Skeletonization Process Has Begun!, the second song on Corpses In My Closet!.
In February Ramirez plays some gigs as part of his Winter Corpses! Tour, a.o. supporting morbid singer-songwriter Amigo The Devil (USA). The gigs for March get cancelled (tour flyer). Early April Danny unexpectedly starts writing and recording three coronavirus songs that on April 23 appear as the online EP The Corona Conspiracy!. Late July Ramirez posts a video for the opening song I'm Pretty Sure It Was The CIA! on YouTube.
Up from late February Danny makes on and off recordings. June 24 the EP Person Of Interest! gets posted on Bandcamp, followed by a streamed online live performance the next day. In October Ramirez finally plays in front of people again -- more than 19 months after his February 2020 support for Amigo The Devil at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.
In March recordings are done for a future EP. Following these recordings Danny first plays some gigs. In June he resumes work on the earlier recorded songs. They get released September 15 on the Highway Of Tears! online EP, with lyrics about the infamous Highway 16 in British Columbia, Canada. A week later Ramirez starts his Autumn Of Tears! Tour (tour flyer). During this tour Rudi Kovacs joins Danny on stage playing hand percussion, something he also will be doing at future Ramirez gigs. Early November the Highway Of Tears! EP gets exposure through the 3VOOR12 music website, followed by an interview and live radio session for local broadcaster Sleutelstad a few weeks later.
February three gigs on the same day are done during the Gluren bij de Buren event in Leiden, where singer-songwriters and other acts play in people's living rooms (review in Dutch - scroll down). Up from early June Danny records new songs and late June a support is played for Bob Wayne (USA) (flyer). August 24 the online EP Poison To The People! gets released, with songs about Goeie Mie who around 1880 poisoned dozens of people in Leiden and finally got arrested in 1883. The Poison! Tour takes place in September and October -- starting on Mie's birthday -- and includes three gigs in one day during Gluren bij de Buren in Lisse (tour flyer). December a video for the song A Merciful Punishment Is What Mary Hoped To Get! is uploaded to YouTube.
Live dates continue in February. The gigs at Gluren bij de Buren and Stukafest consist of 4 songs of the Poison To The People! EP, with extensive explanations about the life & times of Goeie Mie in between. March Grindhoven Festival is done, sharing the bill with a.o. murder metal band Macabre (USA) (poster).


04-02-2024 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (12:45)
04-02-2024 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (14:15)
04-02-2024 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (15:45)
09-02-2024 Stukafest, Leiden (20:30)
09-02-2024 Stukafest, Leiden (21:30)
09-02-2024 Stukafest, Leiden (22:30)
18-02-2024 De 2 Wezen, Sassenheim
16-03-2024 Grindhoven XI - Dynamo, Eindhoven (w/ a.o. Macabre)

05-02-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (12:45)
05-02-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (14:15)
05-02-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Leiden (15:45)
27-06-2023 Qbus, Leiden (w/ Bob Wayne)
09-09-2023 Resistor, Leiden
16-09-2023 Dwarspop - De Schuit, Katwijk
08-10-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Lisse (14:00)
08-10-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Lisse (15:00)
08-10-2023 Gluren bij de Buren, Lisse (16:00)
12-10-2023 Amare, Den Haag
18-10-2023 De Ontsporing, Leiden

17-04-2022 Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden
14-05-2022 garden party, Rijnsburg
22-09-2022 De Schuit, Katwijk
18-10-2022 Leidse Lente, Leiden
28-10-2022 Tjarda, Alkmaar
27-11-2022 Sleutelstad/Live071, Leiden
02-12-2022 Lazaru's, Leiden
18-12-2022 Podium Bredius, Woerden
22-12-2022 De Boom, Katwijk

25-06-2021 Scum, Katwijk (online streaming event)
09-10-2021 garden party, Rijnsburg (16:30)
09-10-2021 garden party, Rijnsburg (21:30)

07-02-2020 Qbus, Leiden
28-02-2020 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (w/ Amigo The Devil)

16-02-2019 private party, Katwijk
27-07-2019 De Klarist, Den Haag
25-09-2019 Scum, Katwijk

10-02-2018 Vrijplaats, Leiden
21-02-2018 private party, Katwijk
13-03-2018 Leidse Lente, Leiden
11-04-2018 De Ontsporing, Leiden
02-06-2018 Lazaru's, Leiden (20 years Danny Ramirez) (video)
22-06-2018 Burgemeester De Ridderpark, Katwijk
03-10-2018 TVO, Turku (Finland) (video)
17-11-2018 Plugpop - De Schuit, Katwijk
16-12-2018 Katzwijm Open Brouwdag, Voorhout

13-01-2017 Vrijplaats upstairs theater, Leiden
14-02-2017 Het Koffiehuis, Noordwijk
17-02-2017 Scum, Katwijk
30-06-2017 Scum, Katwijk (w/ Joe Buck Yourself)
21-07-2017 garden party, Noordwijk
06-08-2017 Little Devil, Tilburg (w/ Joe Buck Yourself)
08-09-2017 Vrijplaats, Leiden
29-10-2017 Sunday Roots - Clouso, Meppel (w/ a.o. The Goddamn Gallows)
05-11-2017 De 2 Wezen, Sassenheim
11-11-2017 Loevesteinsessie, Den Haag
03-12-2017 Qbus, Leiden (TV-recordings 4TheMusic/Unity TV) (video)
23-12-2017 Vrijplaats, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)

18-06-2016 Meet&Greet, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
06-07-2016 Scum, Katwijk (video)
10-09-2016 De Bonte Kraai, Katwijk
18-11-2016 De Schuit, Katwijk
25-11-2016 Lazaru's, Leiden

12-06-2015 De Roskam, Katwijk
24-09-2015 private party, Katwijk
18-12-2015 Welzijnskwartier, Katwijk

19-07-2014 DunBar, Katwijk (w/ instrumental backing)

14-11-2013 DunBar, Katwijk

14-01-2012 Sub071, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
30-03-2012 The Box Studios, Katwijk (w/ instrumental backing)
01-06-2012 garden party, Oegstgeest (video)
05-06-2012 private party, Katwijk (video)
30-06-2012 De Bonte Kraai, Katwijk
24-08-2012 Scum, Katwijk
11-09-2012 Het Koffiehuis, Noordwijk (video)
03-11-2012 Vrijplaats, Leiden
09-11-2012 The Box Studios, Katwijk

26-06-2011 De Arend, Leiden

03-12-2011 Roodkapje, Rotterdam (w/ instrumental backing)

06-02-2010 Bar&Boos, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
30-04-2010 Brothers Of Beer, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
29-05-2010 private party, Hillegom (w/ instrumental backing)
11-08-2010 Hunky Dory, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
13-08-2010 Multipleks, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing) (video)
07-09-2010 Sub071, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
18-09-2010 private party, Den Haag (w/ instrumental backing)
25-09-2010 De Koornbeurs, Delft (w/ instrumental backing)
09-10-2010 Sub071, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)

12-03-2009 Maison Quartier Turenne, Reims (France)
04-04-2009 Tegendraads - LVC, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing) (video)
31-05-2009 garden party, Leiden
08-08-2009 Sub071, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
13-08-2009 De Linkse Kerk, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing)
04-09-2009 Plugpop - Scum, Katwijk (w/ instrumental backing)
17-10-2009 Lazaru's, Leiden (w/ instrumental backing) (video)
31-10-2009 private party, Balk (w/ instrumental backing)
13-11-2009 De Schuit, Katwijk (w/ instrumental backing)

15-02-2008 Lazaru's, Leiden
23-02-2008 Ex-Voto, Voorhout
01-03-2008 Morlock Gallery, Den Haag
15-04-2008 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
19-04-2008 Generation X radioshow, RTV Katwijk
31-05-2008 Rabobank-squat, Noordwijkerhout

01-06-2007 Solution, Hillegom

03-06-2007 Bar&Boos, Leiden

05-05-2006 De Hut van Ome Henne, Leiden

06-10-2006 Las Vegas, Leiden

16-04-2005 private party, Katwijk

29-04-2005 MC Pegasus, Voorschoten (singing along w/ 1st cd)

06-08-2005 squat, Wassenaar

05-11-2005 Join, Noordwijk

16-01-2004 Het Kasteel, Alphen aan de Rijn

07-02-2004 private party, Katwijk

03-04-2004 LVP, Leiden

14-05-2004 Bar&Boos, Leiden (video)

28-06-2004 Kaagweek, Warmond

11-07-2004 Werfpop LVP-lounge, Leiden (video)

15-08-2004 De Hut van Ome Henne, Leiden (singing along w/ 1st cd)

28-08-2004 De Snaak, Leiden (video)

30-10-2004 La Rocka, Leiden

20-11-2004 LVP, Leiden

18-04-2003 Ex-Voto, Voorhout

19-04-2003 De Zonnemolen, Roelofarendsveen

19-07-2003 Nassachtal Festival, Göppingen (Germany)

10-08-2003 Rockblock - De Hut van Ome Henne, Leiden

10-08-2003 Rockblock - Lazaru's, Leiden

18-08-2003 Middenbarak, Oegstgeest

01-11-2003 Sus Antigoon, Leiden

22-02-2002 Qbus, Leiden

04-05-2002 De Groene Kikker, Voorschoten

29-06-2002 private party, Valkenburg

15-11-2002 LVP, Leiden

29-11-2002 Scum, Katwijk

31-12-2002 private party, Leiden

02-04-1999 private party, Rijnsburg

24-12-1999 Join, Noordwijk

31-12-1999 private party, Leiden

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