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Review of a gig Danny Ramirez did on 29 October 2017 at Clouso in Meppel:

'Morbid tunes by Danny Ramirez - Danny Ramirez doesn’t sing about your ev’ry day problems. Although murder ballads make regular appearances in Americana music, Danny Ramirez takes them two, three or maybe even four steps further. No subtle descriptions, but in your face murder and manslaughter. And not the regular murders, but the serial ones. What to do when there’s so many corpses buried in your garden that you can’t add more? Well, you stuff them in a room in your house. The problem of the killer who’s about to take his girlfriend’s live –- but who’s worried that she thinks it’s because of her, whilst she actually wasn’t a real nuissance –- and of course the wish of a freak accident happening to someone. Ramirez’s lyrics test the boundaries of what people can handle, and as such he made the audience of the Sunday Roots festival at Clouso in Meppel suffer. Ramirez –- who has been around for many years and albums –- opened the gig with ‘In My House There’s A Room Full Of Bodies!’, a track from his recent EP ‘Outlawed Outsider!’. He took some listens to Johnny Cash, and his voice has a certain Elvis quality that however wasn’t there throughout his entire set. His song announcements could use some less haste and more clarity. Quite often they are hard to understand, and the long lines in his lyrics are a bit too fast. Nevertheless he displays a laid back style. Reminiscent of Cash on his final album. Hence a Cash track was on the set list, with further more Ramirez songs such as ‘No Siesta Won’t Save You!’ from his album ‘Reload Your Gun, Misanthropicus Fanaticus!’ and ‘Full Moon Ritual Mutilation On Dope And Alcohol!’ and ‘I Used To Skin My Cats When I Was Young!’ off of the same one. He knows how to surprise people with his striking lyrics. As for the music he relies a bit too much on the same pace. This could use some more variation. Ramirez is one of those artists who’s too extreme and narrow for a big crowd, but he certainly has his followers who appreciate his nice and heavy voice and lyrics. With ‘I Have Got Killing Spree Fever Tonight!’ and ‘I Hope You Die in a Freak Accident!’ eventually Danny Ramirez himself came to an end.' (taken from

Review of a gig Danny Ramirez did on 8 August 2009 at Sub071 in Leiden:

'Down in the basement, weird things were happening. Danny Ramirez, a bearded, genial chap was singing comedy songs to a tape recorder. And getting laughs. And for the life of me, I can't bloody remember what he was on about. The guy's a character nonetheless, and has a certain rogue-ish charm.' (by: Richard Foster, taken from a website)

One and only review of Danny Ramirez's cd Reload Your Gun! (released August 2002)

'Metalhead Danny Ramirez gives us a look into his world with 12 songs. Maybe inspired by the murderballads by Johnny Cash this singer/songwriter wanders the fields of Holland murdering and shooting at everything that moves. A complete album is quite a long journey, but every now and then it really gets hilarious, such as in Baby, Soon I'll Take Your Life! and I Have Got Killing Spree Fever Tonight!. Our Danny sings like Elvis and he murders like Jeffrey Dahmer and never gets caught. Mothers keep your kiddo's inside the house, 'cause serial Danny is in town.' (by: Sammie Burgwal, taken from FRET October 2002)

One and only review of Danny Ramirez's demo Load Your Gun And Have Some Fun! (released July 1998)

'As a writer of demo-reviews it often happens that someone hands me over a tape somewhere. This also was the case by a certain fellow named Danny Ramirez. He's a small guy with long, raven-black hair covering his eyes and parts of his face. When I looked at the cassette he took the opportunity to immediately get away. I wasn't sure what to think of song titles such as I Would Like To Kill You, I Hope You Die In A Freak Accident and For I Am Inspired By The Devil. Was this a serial killer with musical intentions? When I listened to the tape at home, Danny Ramirez appeared to sound as a lo-fi version of Chris Isaak. Using melodies that seem to be derived from the repertoire of Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley he sings the listener to the grave. Is it a joke or is it meant seriously? Who's to say! When Ramirez shouts 'come on everybody' and incites the listeners to sing the refrain of I Hope You Die In A Freak Accident with him, he seems to be someone with a great sense of humour. But when he sings 'you never caused me any pain, but I am what others call insane' you also have the tendency to believe him.' (by: Jan van der Plas, taken from Musicmaker November 1998)

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