July 2K7. A new label is born. Sidetrack recordings. a subdivision of roadkillrekordz. Here you will find acts, projects or experiments done by people outside the crew of roadkill. The recordings are purely released on cd-r with a maximum of 50 pcs, we are proud to announce our # one release: Fester

Fester - Sonara Interferentica

4 tracks / 48:37 min

7,50 euro inc p/p
Fester is Hans Koolstra, producer, dj and builder of microphones. He is connected with the Motorwolf crew in The Hague, Holland. Fester is his glas project. Creating soundscapes by the use of only glas and water. Endless drones of shifting tones by circleling the edge of a glas.

The cd comes with a transparent cover in jewelcase.

Listen to sample

order at sidetrack[at]roadkillrekordz.com