Born: June 2nd, 1998

Astrological sign: Gemini

Place of Birth: classified

Country: the Netherlands

Hobbies: writing and recording Danny Ramirez songs

Profession: making a living

Favourite animal: the very Great Squid

Favourite color: all colors, ergo: black

Favourite country: Holland

Favourite book: English-Dutch dictionary

Favourite music: Metal and anything that Rocks Hard, but ev'ry now and then some other stuff

Albums people should buy: Macabre (Grim Reality/Gloom/Sinister Slaughter/Dahmer/Murder Metal) * Exodus (Bonded By Blood) * Nebula (all of their albums) * Slayer (most of their albums) * Exciter (Heavy Metal Maniac/Violence & Force) * The Stooges (first album/Raw Power) * Ted Nugent (Double Live Gonzo/Scream Dream/Intensities In 10 Cities) * Necrophagia (all of their albums) * Bad Religion (most of their albums) * Mortiis (Anden Som Gjorde Oppror) * The Velvet Underground (first album) * Ulver (Nattens Madrigal/William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell) * My Dying Bride (most of their albums) * Darkthrone (all of their albums) * Sleep (Holy Mountain/Jerusalem/Dopesmoker) * Electric Wizard (all of their albums) * Rigor Mortis (all of their albums) * MC5 (Kick Out The Jams/Back In The USA/High Time) * Dissection (all of their albums) * Lynyrd Skynyrd (all of their 1970s albums) * Mercyful Fate (Melissa/Don't Break The Oath) * Twisted Sister (Under The Blade)

Bands Danny was/is in:
Red Blaze (on guitar, speed metal, March 1984-September 1985) (biography) * Chimaera (on guitar, melodic speed/thrash metal, October 1985-March 1987) (biography) * Necromancer (on guitar, thrash metal, January 1987-March 1987) (biography) * Lunacy (on guitar, thrash metal, April 1987-November 1988) (biography) * Witness (on bass, thrash metal, October-December 1987) (biography) * The Titfaces (on guitar, titcore, August 1988-April 1999) (biography) * Eternal Nightmare (on guitar, thrash metal, December 1988-December 1992) (biography) (info on Metal Archives) * De Meiyvogels (on vocals, rock with Dutch lyrics, October-December 1990) (biography) * At Large (on bass, punkcovers, September-November 1991) (biography) * nameless band (on guitar, hardcore, January-March 1992) (biography) * Only Entertainment (first incarnation with two Only Entertainment 1994-2001 members) (on guitar, Bad Religion covers, spring or summer 1992) (biography) * The Peace Brother Dudes (on guitar, instrumental improvised jam rock, October 1993-February 1994) (biography) * Only Entertainment (on guitar, classic hits on punkrock, April 1994-September 2001 / August-October 2014) (on bass, October-December 1997) (biography) (documentary on YouTube) * Toner Low (on guitar, stoner doom, since March 1998) (biography) (Bandcamp page) * The Mad Löggers (on guitar, mad garage rock, April 2001-November 2006) (biography) (YouTube video) * Circle Of Trust (on attempted vocals, rock/metal, July-August 2006) (biography) * Owen Meany (on guitar, garage rock, December 2007-January 2008) (biography) * Spijkers (on guitar, garage rock, February 2008-December 2008) (biography) (play demo track) * Slaughter Towen (on guitar in live line-up, necro black metal, July 2010-December 2013) (biography) (YouTube video)

Projects Danny was/is in:
Surfing Elvis & The Killer Waves (on leadguitar, Elvis on instrumental surf, October-November 1995) (biography) * Night Hymns (one-man band, melodic black metal, December 1996-April 2000) (biography) * Civitas Diaboli (one-man band, chaotic black metal, March-September 1997) (biography) * Thule (on keys, semi-classical melodic keyboard arrangements, August 1997-October 2000) (biography) * Lóndrangar (on keys, melodic keyboard tunes, October 1997-January 1998) (biography) * Midnight Moon (on keys, ambient, horror and semi-classical keyboard tunes, February-October 1998) (biography) * The Easy Tune Faces (on keys, The Titfaces on Hammond, April-May 1998) (biography) * DeathCult666 (on keys and vocals, industrial black metal terror from Hell, June 1998-October 1999) (biography) * Chupacabra (on keys, jungle/triphop tracks, October 1999) (biography) * DeathCult (one-man band, misanthropic black metal, October 1999-October 2001) (biography) * Stormtroopers Of X-mas Lovers' Entertainment (on guitar, X-mas-songs on metal, December 1999) (biography) * Potrocker (one-man band, doomy black pothead metal, December 2003-May 2005/reactivated since September 2018) (biography) (Bandcamp) * Dusty Swamp (one-man band, southern rock, May-August 2005) (biography) * The Given Time (one-man band, obscure 1960s beat, February 2008/September 2011-March 2012) (biography) * The Surfdales (one-man band, instrumental surf tunes, since July 2012) (biography) (Bandcamp) * The Darkthrones (one-man band, Darkthrone track on instrumental 1960s surf, April-November 2018) (YouTube video)

Most of these projects didn't do gigs or official releases, but either played live once or made a home recording of at least one song.

- Potrocker released a full-length that got posted at Danny's Bandcamp on March 16, 2019, and can be listened to or downloaded by clicking somewhere in this text.

- The Darkthrones is an obscure YouTube phenomenon of people recording Darkthrone songs as instrumental Trve Kvlt surf music. November 19, 2018, Danny posted his surf version of Darkthrone's To Walk The Infernal Fields on YouTube under the title To Surf The Infernal Seas. Click to watch and listen.

- The Surfdales released a full-length that got posted at Danny's Bandcamp on May 24, 2018, and can be listened to or downloaded by clicking somewhere in this text. Click this line to listen on YouTube.

- Civitas Diaboli did a 3 song music cassette release of 5 copies, September 1997 (which got recorded at M123 Studio in Leiden, the Netherlands, with Deef at the mixing desk).

- The Easy Tune Faces did a 6 song music cassette release of 10-15 copies, May 1998.

- Midnight Moon did a 5 song music cassette release of about 3 copies, August 1998.

- DeathCult666 released a song on the Bulb Area 51 V 2.0 compilation cd released by New Darkness Recordings (Hillegom, the Netherlands) in October 1999.