Vinally (split 7" with Titfaces)

Released: April 1999 (RoadkillRekordz)
Suspicious minds (M.James), Love is a battlefield (M. Chapman/B. Knight), Y.M.C.A. (J. Morali)

Never Judge A Record By It's Cover(s)

Never Judge A Record By It's Cover(s)
Released: September 1999 (RoadkillRekordz)
Walkin' On Sunshine (Kimberley Rew), Eye Of The Yiger (F. Sullivan/J. Peterik), Sealed With A Kiss (Udell/Geld), Rivers Of Babylon (F. Farian/Reyam/Dowe/Mcnaughton), Everlasting Love (J. Cason/M. Gayden), In The Year 2525 (Zager/Evans), Fire (B. Springsteen), I'm A Believer (N. Diamond), Happy Together (G. Bonner/A. Gordon), Fame (D. Pitchford/M. Gore), Greased Lightning (J. Jacobs/W. Casey), Help (J. Lennon/P. McCartney), Time After Time (C. Lauper/R. Hyman), California Dreaming (J. Philips/M. Philips), Who, Put The Bomb (B. Mann/J. Goffin), 99 Luftballons (J.U. Fahrenkrog-Petersen/C. Karges), Wonderful World (S. Cooke)

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